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#1194 TURN & LEARN Activity Center
Regular Price $28.99     $14.99

Twist and shout... that's what play is all about! And our soft-sided activity center has fun explorations at every turn. Watch baby's eyes light up as she bats the bear's fuzzy tummy or giggles at her reflection in the mirror. Give it a spin... and it's a whole new toy! Features multi-textured animals, contrasting colors, geometric shapes and soothing sounds. 10" long.
Appropriate from Birth - Toddler
#1512 ROLLING ELLIE Rattle
Regular Price $11.99     $5.99

Little ones love to scramble after Ellie when she's on a roll. As they push her along, the colorful beads in the wheels tumble and twirl to make a joyful rattling sound. Great active play for developing strength and coordination. Approximately 6" x 5" x 6".
Appropriate from 12 months - Preschool

#1682 BABY'S BIG TOP Crib Activity Center
Regular Price $37.99    $19.99

Your baby's developing eyesight needs stimulation to develop. This exciting "field of vision" fold-out center gives infants a range of sights, textures and activities to experience. Contrasting black and white designs excite vision from birth to two months. After that, flip to the activity panel and invite your growing baby to explore with eyes, fingers and toes! Unfolds to 45½" x 9½" for use in crib until baby is 5 months old and on the floor anytime!
Appropriate from Birth to 12 months
Regular Price $19.98    $11.99

This bright puzzle lets kids put the job site right on the floor. The extra large pieces are thick and sturdy, making them fun to handle. The finished puzzle is shaped instead of straight-edged, giving it a challenging twist. 19½" x 16".
Appropriate from 4 years to primary school
#2103 LILLY DOLL (Designed in France)
Regular Price $103.98    $52.99

The Lilly doll has a soft body, eyes that actually open and close... and best of all, shiny, rooted hair that is wonderful to touch, brush and style. Imagine the places Lilly will go! Before she steps out, she'll need to bundle up in her cold-weather ensemble which comes complete with purse, removable eye-glasses and her very own puppy! 16" tall.
Appropriate from 3 years up
#2304 THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE Picture Story Book
Regular Price $16.99    $10.99

Broaden your child's cultural literacy with words and pictures! This distinctive story book illustrates a traditional fable with original, contemporary artwork that is unusual for this age group. Makes a lovely introduction to an expanded understanding of "art" and teaches a worthwhile moral, too. 32 pages. Hard cover. Approximately 9" x 11".
Appropriate from 3 years
Regular Price $29.99    $11.99

Super singer, Joe Scruggs, invites the whole family to sing along with zany songs like "Late Last Night" and "Under Your Bed". This 40-minute collection features 12 of our favorites from Joe and includes a handy lyric sheet. A must for home and car!
Appropriate from 3 years - Primary School
#2476 POEMS FOR THE VERY YOUNG Picture Poetry Book
Regular Price $23.99    $11.99

This collection of poetry is as wild, witty and exuberant as your preschooler! It draws children into the richness of our language and the wonder of rhythm with everything from playground rhymes to nonsense verse to classical and modern pieces. The colorful illustrations will appeal to your child's wacky sense of humor, too. 77 pages. Hard cover. 9¼" x 11
Appropriate from 3 years
Regular Price $37.50    $14.99

Your little girl takes doll play seriously - it's important to the development of her self-image! Our collectible Timiny baby from Berchet has a soft huggable body with realistic arms and legs. She also comes with richly detailed outfits designed to build openness to other cultures. Set includes doll with Spanish dancer, Inuit and All-American-denim outfits. 8" tall.
Appropriate from 5 years to Primary School
#3103 DAZZLE THE DINOSAUR Picture Story Book
Regular Price $27.99    $13.99

Follow the shiny holographic spines of Dazzle as he and his friend, Maia, move out of the nest and into an adventure to reclaim their cave from the dangerous Dragonsaurus. Young readers will love the combination of dinosaur facts and fantasy. 30 pages. Hard cover. 8½" x 11½".
Appropriate from 5 years
Regular Price $13.99    $11.99

Jack Thayer was 17 years old when he boarded the Titanic, and this tale is his "eyewitness" account of that fateful voyage. Join him as he explores the great ship, meets its crew and passengers and experiences both the terror of being lost at sea and the joy of being rescued. Packed with diagrams, illustrations and photos that bring the Titanic to life. 48 pages. Hard cover. Approximately 11" x 9".
Appropriate from 9 years
#3654 SCALY THINGS Junior Reference Book
Regular Price $13.98    $5.99

Fish, snakes, turtles and lizards. If it's cool and has scales... it's covered in this "first" reference book. Through lively text and bright pictures, young readers will learn about camouflage, weird body functions and features... plus gain lots of quotable facts to amaze their families and friends. 32 pages. Hard Cover. 9½" x 9½".
Appropriate from 5 years
Regular Price $131.98    $61.99

What makes this set so sensational is that the cranes, trucks, forklifts, helicopters, bikes and everything else that can be made with this set are useable toys... not just replicas or models of the real things. The pieces fit together with precision because the MASTER CONSTRUCTION SET is actually a child's version of a system originally designed for scientists and architects. 353 pieces.
Appropriate from 10 years and up
#4255 SPORTS & GAMES Reference Book
Regular Price $22.98    $11.99

Feed your children's passion for sports with knowledge! Skills are best learned by doing, but background history, trivia and details on basic rules and equipment can be discovered right here! Plus, the bold combination of text, photos and drawings really encourage readers to sample more. 64 pages. Hard cover 10" x 12".
Appropriate from 12 years
#5123 BODY PALS® AQUA CLUB™ Play Figures
Regular Price $23.98    $11.99

Our flotilla of playful characters is inviting, pliable and responds to exploration with silly squeaks. Lots of engaging pieces for hours of healthy fun at the park, on the beach or in the tub. Rafts measure 5" x 7".
Appropriate from 24 months to Preschool
#5125 6 IN 1 PLAY CENTER™
Regular Price $223.98    $97.99

It's so important for children to have a special place all their own. And a well-made table and chair set is a great place to start... but the 6 in 1 is special. Place table tops flat for writing, eating, drawing or playing. Raise one or both sides to create a two-sided easel for colored chalk work, painting or dry erase markers. you can even fill it up with water or sand for yet another dimension in really creative play! Table features a deep, built-in well for storing art supplies. Approximately 17" x 27" x 23".
Appropriate from 3 years and up.